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This is the part of my site where I give thanks to all of the people that have contributed in some way towards this site.

Big props to my man Maurice from Lesane-Crooks.com for helping me with any info I asked him about websites and not loosing his patients with me u have helped me a lot.

To Parafara for uploading stuff with his cable connection and writing some tight columns.

To Jay for doing some tight Graphix for me.

All of the people I talk to on MSN.

All of the people at Tupacboard.com who have filled my knowledge of Tupac & Tha Outlawz vastly.

To all of the fans who visit the site.

First of all I've gotta say thanx to Tupac for sharing his music with us and hooking up with such a tight group like Tha Outlawz. I made this site so your legacy will live on and people will forever remember who Tupac Shakur really was. R.I.P. Tupac.

For Tha Outlawz sharing their music and their tight lyrical skills with us. Also for keeping Tupac's memory alive.

To Yafeu Fula for being a true friend to Tupac while others just took advantage of him. You shared with us in  your short time your amazing lyrical skills and rapping skills. R.I.P. Yafeu Fula (1977-1996).