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How Makaveli 2k2003.cjb.net Started

Well after I'd been listening to Tupac for a few years and had been browsing many Tupac related sites I though to show my respect for Tupac I would create a site of my own in memory of him. At first the site layout was very poor and I improved it a bit but I still wasn't happy with it at all. So as my knowledge got more advanced and as I got hooked up with more people I started working on a new layout. I got some help from Maurice and Jay done some tight Graphix for me so on July 2001 the site re-opened. I will constantly update the site with the latest news and add more sections as well. The only time the site won't be updated is when I'm on Holiday. I try my best to make this site the best related Tupac & Outlawz site on the net.