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Hussein Fatal

Real Name: Bruce Washington
Alias: Hussein Fatal
A.K.A.: Fatal
Dictator: Saddam Hussein
Date Of Birth: 1977
Place Of Birth: Montclair, New Jersey
Raised: New Jersey
Music Groups: The Plague, The Outlawz
Quote: "That's My Only Weakness, I Love My Niggas"

Hussein Fatal is the true Outlaw Immortal left. Ever since he was young he had always wanted to be a rapper and entered talent contests in his home of New Jersey in hope of being spotted. He then proceeded to join a group called The Plague who at this point were being managed by the then unknown Fugees. Fatal then subsequently left the group because they were not finding much success.

Fatal and fellow Outlaw Immortal member Kadafi were best friends and had known each other since high school. Kadafi often talked about how he was related to Tupac and how he used to visit him everyday. Kadafi brought Fatal along with him one day and Tupac told him that when he got out he would take Fatal to California and make him famous. Being Tupac he kept his promise and made Fatal famous.

When Tupac got out of jail he formed a group called Tha Outlaw Immortalz and recruited Fatal, Dramacydal and some members of Thug Life as well. By this time he was being known as Fatal but Tupac gave him the name Hussein Fatal after Saddam Hussein. Fatal appeared on the album All Eyez On Me and also dropped a killer verse on Hit 'Em Up the song that dissed nearly everyone from the East Side in Rap. Fatal also introduced fellow Outlaw member Storm to Tupac and Tupac immediately hired her.

Pac, Fatal & Kadafi were the true Outlaw Immortalz who weren't afraid of shit. Like one time in the House Of Blues Kadafi & Fatal took a piss in the crowd. About a week before Pac died them and the Death Row crew were doing a concert at the House Of Blues the wouldn't let Fatal in because he was found carrying a gun. Fatal was extremely pissed so to calm him down Tupac let him drive his brand new Land Cruiser and Fatal totaled it. Pac was so pissed he sent Fatal back home to New Jersey and this was the last time Fatal saw Pac.

It was tough on Fatal when his mentor Tupac died but 2 months later when his best friend Yafeu Fula died this really cut him up. After this he decided to quit rapping but in 1997 he was offered a contract from Relativity Records and in 1998 released his debut solo album In The Line Of Fire by his own admission Fatal said the album was rushed and wasn't all that.

In 1996 Fatal slashed some people with a razor-blade and was on the run until 1999 and was eventually put away by the cops. He is set to be released later this year. He is now signed to Rap-A-Lot-Records and in 2002 his second solo project entitled Death Before Dishonour. 

Fatal recently done a tight interview with Hitemup.com where he told us his true feelings about how the East vs West beef has gone now and how is next album is gonna be the shit. He also told his feelings towards Tha Outlawz and Kadafi's death. I recommend u go over to hitemup.com and download this interview.

In my opinion Fatal is one of the truest guys in the rap game and deserves a lot of respect from everyone and is loyal to the game.