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Real Name: Yafeu A. Fula
Alias: Kadafi
A.K.A.: Yak
Dictator: Mu'ammar Quaddafi
Date Of Birth: October 9th, 1977
Place Of Birth: New Jersey
Raised: New Jersey
Music Groups: Thoro Headz/Young Thugz, Dramacydal, The Outlawz
Quote: "My Life's Been Crossed, Crooked Since A Seed, It Hurts"

Yafeu Fula, or Kadafi as he was better known was tragically killed at the age of 19. He was Tupac's closest friend throughout his life without a doubt and was always there for Tupac even when nobody else would stand by him Yafeu was there. When nobody would visit Tupac in Jail Yafeu was there everyday visiting and standing by his closest friend.

Just like Tupac Kadafi was the son of a Black Panther member, his mother Yaasmyn Fula and Afeni Shakur met each other when they were members of the Black Panthers and stayed close friends. It emerged after Tupac and Yafeu both died they were half-brothers as well as God Brothers and also closest friends. It is believed that they had the same father Billy Garland.

When Kadafi was round about 15 he formed a Rap Clique with two of his closest friends at the time Katari Cox (Kastro) and Malcolm Greenridge (EDI) and they called themselves Young Thugz and were sometimes known as Thoro Headz, by this time Kadafi was known as Young Hollywood, EDI as Big Mal and Kastro as K-Dogg. Then Tupac met Kadafi's friend Mutah Beale (Napoleon), he wanted Napoleon to be in the group. Tupac then recruited him and changed the group's name to Dramacydal. Tupac began schooling the Group thoroughly and they appeared on the songs Outlaw and Me Against The World on the multi-Platinum alum Me Against The World.

When Tupac was in Prison Yafeu would visit him everyday and they began to form a plan to form a new Rap Clique called Tha Outlawz. One day Kadafi brought with him one of his homeboyz Bruce Washington (Fatal) to Prison to visit Tupac. Tupac told him when he got out he would take him to California to make him famous.

When Yafeu was recruited to Tha Outlawz Tupac gave each member an alias of a Political Dictator who was an enemy of the US and he also said the member had a resemblance of that Dictator. Tupac gave Yafeu the nickname Kadafi after the Libyan leader Mu'ammar Quaddafi. This was because Kadafi has a resemblance because of his curly hair. Kadafi and Fatal were Tha Outlawz who resembled Tupac the most because they were full on thugs. They both once took a piss in the crowd at The House Of Blues. Kadafi was also dedicated to his music like Tupac and would stay up late and write his lyrics. He had an amazing delivery and a brilliant flow and could rap faster than anyone I have heard.

On the night that Tupac was killed Kadafi was in the car behind him and said he could identify the killer. Before he could be questioned Kadafi was very upset and went back to New Jersey with Fatal and they began hustling again. Kadafi was killed on November 10th 1996, the same night as a Tyson fight just like Tupac was. Many people has speculated this could have been an act of The Crips or whoever killed Tupac because Yafeu was the only witness willing to come forward. But it was later found out that Kadafi was at a house Party and him and his friend (Napoleon's Cousin) were Drunk & High and were playing with a gun and it went off and the bullet hit Yafeu in the head and he was pronounced dead later on that day. This tore his best friend Hussein Fatal apart and he was on a rampage looking for Napoleon's Cousin but calmed down. He was only 19 when he died and it was on the same day as Tupac's memorial.

Yafeu A. Fula: October 9th, 1977 - November 10th, 1996
Rest In Peace