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The Rose That Grew From Concrete Volume 1

Title The Rose That Grew From Concrete Volume 1

Label Amaru/Interscope

Release Date November 21st, 2000

Highest Chart Position R & B N/A, # 89 Pop

Executive Producers Afeni Shakur, Jamal Joseph, Gloria Cox, Leila Steinberg & Molly Monjauze

Producers Femi Ojetunde, Mos Def, LLC, Jamal Joseph, Royal Bayyan, Tarik Bayyan, Eric Rico, Red Rat, Ras Daveed El Harar, Lou Perez, Voza Rivers, EDI, Tre, Dan Rockett, QD3, KP

Featured Artists Olatunji, Babatunde, Sikiri Adepoju, Mos Def, Sonia Sanchez, Dead Prez, Jasmine Guy, Reverend Run, Red Rat, Providence, RasDaveed El Harar, Danny Glover, Afeni Shakur, Cast Of The Lion King, Nikki Giovanni, Geronimo Ji Jaga, The Outlawz, Tre, Dan Rockett, Q-Tip, Quincey Jones, Mac Mall, Russel Simmons, Rha Goddess, Sarah Jones, 4th Avenue Jones, K-Ci, Malcom Warner, Jamal Warner, Lamar Antwon Roninson, The IMPACT Reporty Theatre Group, Chief Okena Littlehawk

Album's Highlights The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Starry Night, Family Tree, In The Event Of My Demise

Singles Released n/a

Videos From The Album n/a

Info With out a doubt this is truly one of the most unique hip-hop albums of all time. It is a mix of 2Pac's poems either being sung or read out by popular artists. The poems are taken from the book "The Rose That Grew From Concrete." Most of these poems were written by a very young 2Pac before he came famous. This album wasn't intended to sell many records but just to keep the memory of 2Pac fresh in our minds. This album shows how much of a genius he was and shows us that 2Pac's memory will never die.

Rating = 4/5


1. Tupac Interlude

2. Wake Me Up When I'm Free (Olatunji, Babatunde and Sikiri Adepoju)

3. Can U C The Pride In The Panther? [Male Version] (Mos Def)

4. When Ure Heart Turns Cold (Sonia Sanchez)

5. U R Ripping Us Apart!!! (Dead Prez)

6. Tears Of A Teenage Mother (Jasmine Guy)

7. God (Reverend Run)

8. And Still I Love You (Red Rat)

9. Can U C The Prise In The Panther? [Female Version] (Mos Def)

10. If There Be Pain (Providence and RasDaveed El Harar)

11. A River That Flows Forever (Afeni Shakur, Danny Glover and The Cast Of The Lion King)

12. The Rose That Grew From Concrete (Nikki Giovanni)

13. In The Event Of My Demise (The Outlawz and Geronimo Ji Jaga)

14. What Of A Love Unspoken (Tre)

15. Sometimes I Cry (Dan Rockett)

16. The Fear In The Heart Of A Man (Q-Tip)

17. Starry Night (Mac Mall and Quincy Jones)

18. What Of Fame? (Russel Simmons)

19. Only 4 The Righteous (Rha Goddess)

20. Why Must U Be Unfaithful (Sarah Jones)

21. Wife 4 Life (K-Ci and 4th Avenue Jones)

22. Lady Liberty Needs Glasses (Malcolm Jamal Warner)

23. Family Tree (Lamar Antwon Roninson and The IMPACT Reporty Theatre Group)

24. Thug Blues (Lamar Antwon Roninson and The IMPACT Reporty Theatre Group)

25. The Sun & The Moon (Chief Okena Littlehawk)