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Why Tupac Is Dead

As you know I think Tupac Amaru Shakur was tragically gunned down at Las Vegas on September 7th 1996 and died six days later in Hospital. Here is my reasons why Tupac did die.

Tupac always said how he was the realest nigga, well would the realest nigga fake his death? think about it.

When Tupac said things like "My time away just made perfection, do you think I'd die?" he was talking about his time in prison or when he said "I heard rumor I died, murdered in cold blood dramatized. Pictures of me in my final stages, you know mama cried, but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted, Like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing," he is obviously talking about the '94 shooting. 

Tupac wanted to concentrate on acting because he said he had enough music and by this time had three albums completed Makaveli, One Nation and Outlaw Immortalz.

The song Changes: Some of Tupac's friends say that he recorded this track but then regretted doing it and never wanted it to be released. If this is true then why did Afeni release it and why would Tupac sit back and watch his mother going against his will.
The Outlawz apparently said that it was recorded back in 1991. If so then why wasn't it released? It's a nice song.
Some other people have said that it wasn't even recorded by Tupac. That it was loads of words and quotes pasted together by producers hired by Afeni or Death Row. This has been said by people who know their shit, who have looked at the song in depth. If this is so then Tupac would be very angry that his music is being tampered with so much, and being the kinda guy that spoke his mind, I'm sure he would at least let his mother or Death Row know that he wasn't happy with it.

If Tupac was alive Puffy wouldn't be as successful as he is now, Pac would have done something, I don't believe he would have killed him because Pac would never have killed anybody even if it was Puffy.

The police said they did not deny that the leaked Autopsy photo was in fact Shakur's body even though it was not an official Police or Coroners photo.

Why would Tupac go through all the trouble of setting up Makaveli Records and Euphanasia if he was going to die? He was also going to set up his own Political Party and we would know about it. Tupac also wanted to direct, so why would he go through all the trouble of faking his death if he knew he could have completed these plans.

The album, Makaveli Tha Don Killuminati The 7 Day Theory caused a lot of suspicion between fans because of all the hidden inserts into the album. Well think about it, with 2Pac gone Death Row could have messed about with the album by inserting alive clues to sell more records. In a advertisement for the album it says "LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY" so Death Row are basically telling us to listen very carefully for the clues inserted. Tupac would not also accuse his best friend of murdering him at the start of the album. This is without a doubt one of the best Rap albums of all time but I would not like to think that it was tampered with against Tupac's will.

If Tupac was alive he wouldn't be letting all of this shit happening with his records. I mean just look at all of the Bootlegged material out now. On the Thug Immortal video Tupac was in New York this was before he was famous, he seen a man selling one of his recordings on bootleg and said "I'm going to a movie. When I come back you'd better be gone or else." Now what's happening is a lot worse. Also with all of Tupac's music being tampered with as well he wouldn't allow this to happen.