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Unreleased Songs

Here is a list of some unreleased songs by Tupac but there are probably more than what is located here.

*** Note If You Have Any Unreleased Songs That I Don't Have and Would Like To Trade plz E-Mail me. Click here for my Unreleased songs.

21 Gun Salute - 2Pac
4 My Niggaz - 2Pac f/Storm
A Day In The Life - 2Pac
After Life - 2Pac f/Alanis Morisette
Ain't No Ho - 2Pac
All Out - 2Pac f/Outlawz (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Ballad Of A Dead Souljah - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Ballad Of A Fallen Souljah - 2Pac f/Khadafi
Be The Realist - 2Pac
Bitches - 2Pac f/Greg Nyce, Snoop Dogg (AKA: Cali Pussy, Worldwide Dime Piece)
Black Jesus 2Pac f/Outlawz (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Black Jesus II - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Blinded - 2Pac f/Treach
Blinded II - 2Pac f/Yukmouth
Boss Of All Bosses - 2Pac f/Brotha Lynch Hung & X-Raided
Bounce My Way - 2Pac f/YGD
Breakin' Through - 2Pac
Buck Em All - 2Pac f/Buckshot
Bury Me A G - 2Pac (SOLO VERSION)
Can U See The Real Me - 2Pac f/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Catching Feelings - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Cause I Had To - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Cause I Had To - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Champagne & Henny - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Comrades - 2Pac f/Outlawz & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Confessions - 2Pac f/Bizzy Bone (ORIGINAL VERSION: BREATHIN)
Cradle To The Grave - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Crime After Crime - 2Pac f/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Criminal - 2Pac
Criminal Minded - 2Pac (AKA: Days Of A Criminal Remix)
Crooked Ass Nigga - 2Pac
Crucified - 2Pac
Danger Time - 2Pac f/Live Squad
Days Of A Criminal - 2Pac
Deadly Combination - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Deadly Venomz - 2Pac
Dear Mama II - 2Pac
Death Row Studio Freestyle
Demons Of Depression - 2Pac
Die 4 Me - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Die Slow - 2Pac
Don't Call Me Bitch - 2Pac
Don't Fall Asleep - 2Pac f/Daz, Scarface, Young Gotti
Don't Stop (Keep Goin) - 2Pac f/DPG
Downtown - 2Pac f/Jewell
Down With It - 2Pac
Dress In Black - 2Pac
Drop Tha Cop - 2Pac
Drunk Freestyle - 2Pac
Dump Or Die - 2Pac f/Storm, Gonzoe, Starla (AKA: Die)
East Coast Killaz - 2Pac
Eternal Thugz - 2Pac f/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Everything They Owe - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Extreme Venom - 2Pac
Extasy - 2Pac
Fade Me - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Fair Exchange - 2Pac
Fake Ass Bitches - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Fantasy - 2Pac
Fortune & Fame - 2Pac
Fright Night - 2Pac f/Storm
Fuck All Ya'll - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Fuk Whatcha Heard - 2Pac (AKA: Representin 4 Ron G)
Get Some For Girls - 2Pac
Ghetto Gospel - 2Pac
Ghetto Star - 2Pac f/Bad Azz
Ghetto Star - 2Pac (SOLO VERSION)
Girls Tryin' To Work A Nigga - 2Pac
Good Life - 2Pac f/EDI, Big Syke (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Guess Who's Back - 2Pac
Happy Home - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Hard 2 Tell - 2Pac f/Storm
Hard On A Nigga - 2Pac f/Snoop Dogg
Hard On A Nigga - 2Pac (SOLO VERSION)
Hellbound - 2Pac f/Live Squad
Hell 4 A Hustler - 2Pac f/Outlawz (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Hell 4 A Hustler - 2Pac (SOLO VERSION)
Hellrazor - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Hit Em Up - 2Pac f/Outlawz, Prince Ital Joe (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Hittin' Cornaz - 2Pac
Hold Me - 2Pac
Hotel Room Freestyle - 2Pac
House Of Pain - 2Pac f/Biggie
I Can't Turn Back - 2Pac f/Spice 1
I Thought You Knew - 2Pac
I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
I'd Rather Be Ya Lover - 2Pac f/Madonna
If You Really Want It - 2Pac f/Storm (ORIGINAL VERSION, LET EM HAVE IT)
In My Dreamz - 2Pac
In This LIfe - 2Pac
In Too Deep - 2Pac f/K-Ci & JoJo
Is It Cool To Fuck - 2Pac
Juicy - 2Pac
Kalifornia Siccness - 2Pac f/Brotha Lynch Hung
Keep 'Em Runnin' - 2Pac
Killafornia Dreamz - 2Pac f/Outlawz
Last Ones Left - 2Pac f/Storm & Khadafi (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Late Nite II - 2Pac f/AMG & Dj Quik
Leave Us Kids Alone - 2Pac
Let's Fight - 2Pac f/Boot Camp Clique
Let's Go - 2Pac
Letter 2 My Unborn - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Letter To The President - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Lifestyles Of The Poor & Homie - 2Pac
Lil' Homies - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Live A Good Life - 2Pac
Lost Souls - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Luv Potion - 2Pac f/DPG & Nate Dogg
Makaveli Who? - 2Pac
Mama's Just A Little Girl - 2Pac f/Storm
Me & My Closest Roaddogs - 2Pac f/Big Syke (ORIGINAL VERSION, MY CLOSEST ROADDOGS)
Me & My Homies - 2Pac
Men At Armz - 2Pac f/Boot Camp Clique (AKA: Brothaz At Armz)
Military Mindz - 2Pac f/Boot Camp Clique
My Niggaz - 2Pac
Never Be Peace - 2Pac f/Storm & Marvelous
Nothin But Love - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
One Day At A Time - 2Pac f/Spice 1
One Nation - 2Pac
Only Fear Of Death - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Out On Bail - 2Pac f/Thug Life
Pac's Life - 2Pac
Pac's Theme - 2Pac
Panther Power - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Peep Game - 2Pac
Pictures Of Prison - 2Pac
Play Your Cards Right - 2Pac f/Outlawz, Big Syke, Jodeci
Pop This Shit - 2Pac
R U Still Down - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Raise Up Off These Nuts - 2Pac
Ready 4 Whatever - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Reincarnated - 2Pac
Resist The Temptation - 2Pac
Retribution - 2Pac
Revenge At All Costs - 2Pac f/EDI
Ride For Me - 2Pac
Right Between The Eyez - 2Pac
Runnin - 2Pac f/Biggie (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Runnin On E - 2Pac f/Outlawz (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Secretz Of War - 2Pac f/Outlawz (ORIGINAL VERSION, AKA: BUST IF WE MUST)
Set It Off - 2Pac
Sho' Shot - 2Pac f/Big Daddy Kane (AKA: Where Everever U R, Tell Em)
So So Crazy - 2Pac f/Da Brat
Something 2 Die 4 - 2Pac
Soon As I Get Home - 2Pac f/Khadafi (AKA: Grab My Gats)
Souljah's Revenge - 2Pac
Starin At The World Through My Rearview II - 2Pac f/Outlawz (AKA: Grab The Mic)
Step By Step - 2Pac
Still I Rise - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Still I Rise II - 2Pac
Still Mournin' - 2Pac
Still Pour Out A Little Liqour
Street Fame II - 2Pac
Street Life - 2Pac f/Prince Ital Joe, Snoop Dogg
Stressed Out - 2Pac f/Kurupt
Tattoo Tearz - 2Pac f/Outlawz (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Teardrops & Closed Caskets - 2Pac f/Outlawz, Nate Dogg
Tears Of A Clown - 2Pac
The Rules Of The Game - 2Pac
The Struggle Continues - 2Pac f/Outlawz
The Walk Of Grace - 2Pac f/Steel Tek, LS & Prince Ital Joe
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us - 2Pac f/Outlawz
They Wanna Bury Me - 2Pac
This Ain't Livin - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
This Life I Lead - 2Pac f/DPG & Outlawz
This Thug's Story - 2Pac
Through My Mind - 2Pac
Throw Your Hands Up - 2Pac
Thug 4 Life - 2Pac
Thug Bitch - 2Pac
Thug Bitchez (Is It Cool To Fuck II) - 2Pac f/Thug Life
Thug Life - 2Pac f/Dramacydal
Thug Luv - 2Pac f/Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Thug N You, Thug N Me - 2Pac f/Jodeci (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Thug Nigga - 2Pac f/Greg Nyce
Thug Passion II - 2Pac f/Daz, Too Short & Nate Dogg
Thug Poetry - 2Pac
Thug Redemption - 2Pac f/Thug Life & Outlawz
Thug Style - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Thugged Out - 2Pac f/Cy Dogg
Thugs Get Lonely Too - 2Pac f/Tech N9ne
Thugs Get Lonely Too - 2Pac (SOLO VERSION)
Time After Time - 2Pac f/O.F.T.B & Outlawz
To Tha Mobb - 2Pac
Tribulations - 2Pac
Troublesome - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
U Can Be Touched - 2Pac
Under Pressure II - 2Pac
Until The End Of Time - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Untouchable Freestyle - 2Pac
Usual Suspects - 2Pac f/Fatal
Valley Of Death - 2Pac
War - 2Pac f/Outlawz & Spice 1
Watchin Us - 2Pac f/Snoop Dogg
What Goes On - 2Pac f/Treach
What I'll Do 4 Love - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION, DO 4 LOVE)
What's Next - 2Pac f/Prince Ital Joe, Big Syke
What's Next II - 2Pac
When We Ride On Our Enemies - 2Pac
When Thugs Cry - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Where My Souljahs At - 2Pac f/Cocoa Brovas & Buckshot
Who Do Ya Luv - 2Pac
Who Do You Believe In - 2Pac f/Khadafi (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Why Me - 2Pac
Why U Turn On Me - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Wicked Wayz Of A Madd Man - 2Pac f/Nutso
Wild Wayz Of A Man - 2Pac
Wipin Niggaz Off The Map - 2Pac
Words 2 My Firstborn - 2Pac f/Nutso (ORIGINAL VERSION)
World Wide Mob Figgaz - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
Wrote The Glory - 2Pac
You Don't Have To Worry - 2Pac (ORIGINAL VERSION)
You Don't Know Me - 2Pac
You Don't Bring Me Flowers - 2Pac f/Ice T
You Don't Wanna Battle - 2Pac f/Ryan D